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One of the top companies in India offering online company registration services is SimpleFilings. It offers a variety of services and offers support across the board, including for GST, one of the key prerequisites for corporations and other organizations. For online GST registration, SimpleFilings provides e-filing services online with a simple user interface. We have a team committed to meeting the needs of our clients, and we give you the option to schedule an agent for GST registration online.

In simple words, we can explain GST as "Goods and Services Tax," which is an indirect federal sales tax used in India on the supply of goods and services and paid by the consumers or buyers.

Benefits of GST

The government prefers GST because it simplifies the taxation system. It helps with the expansion of businesses online. It also helps us to become more competitive in the market, as interstate trading is possible only after registering the business under GST.

Methods of Obtaining a GST Number

Knowing how to apply for GST is crucial and having a GST number is essential since you can only sell your goods online or in another state once you have registered for GST. GST registration online is made simple with the fantastic assistance of the SimpleFilings team. For GST registration, SimpleFilings provides the best and fastest service.

GST registration documents

SimpleFilings is the best provider of GST registration services in Navi Mumbai and Lucknow. You can easily apply online for GST registration with the mandatory documents required, which are:

PAN card, Aadhaar card, address proof, proof of business registration, photograph of proprietor.

There are different GST registration document requirements based on business type. We will list all of them one by one below.


  1. GST registration documents for individual:
  • Owner’s PAN card
  • Owner’s Aadhar card
  • Photograph
  • Address proof


  1. GST registration documents for LLPs and Partnerships:
  • PAN card of partners involved
  • Partnership deed
  • Photographs of partners
  • Address proof of partners
  • Signatory’s proof of appointment
  • LLP proof of registration
  • Aadhar card of partners
  • Business’ principal address proof


  1. GST registration documents for Companies:
  • PAN card of company
  • Certificate of Incorporation
  • Signatory’s appointment proof
  • Signatory’s PAN card
  • PAN card of all directors
  • Address proof of all directors
  • Resolution signed by board members
  • Electricity bill/ Utility bill of place of business

All the information and prerequisites for GST registration are listed above. After completing an online GST registration, you can quickly obtain a GST number. Alternatively, you can use SimpleFilings to facilitate the GST registration process by hiring consultants. The staff at SimpleFilings is always available to provide you with rapid, helpful assistance. We wish you success with your venture and are ready to assist you with all aspects of online registration.

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