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GST is not just a tax reform it’s a major business process reform. Hence, it’s important to re-structure the business processes in alignment with the provisions of GST law. Goods and Services Tax is an indirect tax which has replaced many indirect taxes in India such as the excise duty, VAT, services tax, etc. GST is levied on the supply of goods and services. GST in India is a comprehensive, multi-stage, destination-based tax that is levied on every value addition. The objective of GST is to achieve the ideology of ONE NATION, ONE TAX.

At Simple Filings, we provide professional GST services to businesses in Navi Mumbai & Lucknow. Our experienced team can assist you with GST registration, filing returns, and compliance, helping you to save time and avoid costly mistakes.


  • GST Return Filing - The GST return is a document that contains important details pertaining to the sales, income, expense, and purchase that a taxpayer must file with the tax administrative authorities.
  • GST LUT Filing - LUT in GST is Letter of Undertaking, the exporter declares that he or she will fulfill all the requirement that is prescribed under GST while exporting without making IGST payment.
  • GST Registration Cancellation - Cancellation of GST registration simply means that the taxpayer will not be a GST registered person anymore. The cancellation can either be initiated by the department on their own motion or the registered person can apply for cancellation of their registration.
  • GST Annual Return - GSTR 9 is an annual return to be filed yearly by taxpayers registered under GST.
  • E-Way Bill - EWay Bill is an Electronic Way bill for movement of goods. A GST registered person cannot transport goods in a vehicle whose value exceeds Rs. 50,000 without an e-way bill.
  • GST Consultation – All GST related queries will be solved by our Expert team.

Face to face consultancy is available at our offices in Navi Mumbai and Lucknow

 “Give us the opportunity to make your GST Registration and its compliances burdenless.”

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